Tenacious D - One Note Song Şarkı sözü

Tenacious D - One Note Song Şarkı sözü
Kyle Gass: Jack.
Jack Black: Yeah?
KG: Do you think some people... do you think that there's some people that aren't really... that are actually robots, living among us?
JB: No.
KG: ...that we can't tell...
JB: No, we dont have the technology yet. But Rage. Rage. Rage...
KG: Yeah?
JB: You know what I was thinking? Stop playing. I was thinking of a fucking brilliant song.
KG: Yeah?
JB: Check it out, just do what I do.
KG: Ok.
JB: Just play this note. And then we both keep playing... just keep both playing that note. Every once in a while bend it. And that's it... and just remember who wrote that song. Me baby, me.


KG: Oh..
JB: See, it's fucking simple. That's one song in the bank. Next song.
KG: Is, uh?
JB: Next song!
KG: How can? But it's one note...
JB: Next!
KG: Anybody could have wrote it, anybody could have done that. Its one song, its one note.
JB: But guess who did write it... ME!
KG: Yeah but did you... did you write the, the listen...
JB: Dude I did, I told you to do the bending every once in a while!
KG: Oh yeah you did.
JB: Woohoo, I win!
KG: Shit.
JB: I win. One to nothin'!
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