Wire - Doubles & Trebles Şarkı sözü

Wire - Doubles & Trebles Şarkı sözü
An ally in exile receives an urgent dispatch
When hes already in trouble, unable to relax
He recognises the cipher, quickly resolves the code
The contents of the message, state, area and road
It was as hed feared, his covers been blown
The extent of the network is now overblown
Overgrown, the apparatus for such an unwelcome event
Incommunicado, the last word is sent

He knows that resistance is futile
But still he prepares for arrivals


He sits perfectly still
Resistance is futile
He awaits the kill
He prepares the arrival
Hes perfectly still
Resistance is futile
On arrival for the kill

He breaks down in this theatre, but hopes not under these lights
Specifically those which gain strategic insights
By the best of good fortune, he had provisions in store
He doubles, then trebles the locks on his door
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