Raksha bandhan in 2023

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Raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Meaning

The celebration consists of a pairing of two terms, specifically "Raksha" and "Bandhan." In accordance with Sanskrit terminology, the event signifies "the act of securing through a bond" where "Raksha" conveys the notion of safeguarding, and "Bandhan" denotes the action of fastening. Collectively, the festival embodies the timeless affection within the sibling connection, extending beyond biological ties. It is also celebrated among cousins, sisters, sisters-in-law (Bhabhi), paternal aunts (Bua), nephews (Bhatija), and similar relationships.

When is raksha bandhan in 2023

As per the Hindu Panchang, Raksha Bandhan is observed on the final day of the Shravan lunar month. In the year 2023, Raksha Bandhan will joyously be celebrated on the 30th of August, which happens to fall on a Wednesday.

Is Raksha Bandhan on 30 or 31 in 2023?

Its happening on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Raksha Bandhan Thread Ceremony Time - after 09:01 PM

Purnima Tithi Begins - Aug 30, 2023 - 10:58 AM 

Purnima Tithi Ends -  Aug 31, 2023 - 07:05 AM

Best time to tie rakhi

The most favorable moment to fasten the Rakhi during Raksha Bandhan is within the Aparahna period, which corresponds to the later part of the afternoon as per the Hindu temporal divisions. If the Aparahna period is not feasible, then the Pradosh period is also appropriate for carrying out the ceremonial practices associated with Raksha Bandhan.

When should we not tie Rakhi?

Engaging in Raksha Bandhan customs during the Bhadra period is discouraged. Bhadra signifies an inauspicious phase that should be refrained from when undertaking any propitious activities. Numerous Hindu sacred scriptures, such as the Vratraj, counsel against utilizing the Bhadra time to perform the act of tying the Rakhi during the Raksha Bandhan celebration.

When to remove Raksha Bandhan?

The Hindu sacred scriptures do not stipulate a particular day for removing the Raksha Bandhan thread. Consequently, a brother has the liberty to take off the Rakhi at his discretion following the festival day.

Nonetheless, as per Maharashtrian tradition, it is customary for the brother to keep wearing the rakhi for a span of 15 days starting from Raksha Bandhan. On the 15th day, Maharashtrians commemorate a festival known as "Pola." This specific day holds significance for Marathi farmers who offer prayers to Lord Marbot Dev and extend their reverence to animals such as bulls.

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