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Bookmarks Info

This website provides flexibility to bookmark content you like so that next time when you visit website you can check fast. Below are the steps/instructions to do.

Adding Content to Bookmarks

1)    On pages if you see ❤️Click to Bookmark📑. Please Click on this.
2)    You will see message - This post has been added to your ❤️ Bookmarks 📑
3)    On this website right hand side top corner, click on ❤️ Bookmarks 📑
4)    You will see all Bookmarks added.

Removing Content from Bookmarks

To remove content from bookmark either 
a.    Click on 💔 Remove Bookmark 📑. You will see this option on the content page OR
b.    Click on ❤️ Bookmarks 📑 and there you will see content to remove from bookmark list.
You will get message - This post has been removed from your ❤️Bookmarks📑

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