Ram rameti rameti mantra

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Ram rameti rameti mantra

Ram rameti rameti mantra 

॥ Shri Ram Raksha Stotram ॥

॥ Shri Ram Tarak Mantra ॥


Ram Rameti Rameti, Rame Rame Manorme
Sahasranam Tattulyam, Ramnam Varanane ॥

Meaning — Lord Shiva tells Goddess Parvati: "By being present in the syllables of 'Shri Ram Naam,' The divine name of 'Ram, Ram, Ram' becomes awakened in the states of wakefulness, dreaming, and deep sleep. Oh Parvati! I also immerse myself in the delightful contemplation of this 'Ram' name. 

This 'Ram' name is equivalent to the thousand names of Lord Vishnu's Sahasranama. The name 'Ram' of Lord Rama is considered equal to the Vishnu Sahasranama.

This mantra is also known as the Shri Ram Tarak Mantra. Its recitation is equivalent to the chanting of the complete Vishnu Sahasranama or the repetition of the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu. 

This mantra is also recognized by the name of Shri Ram Raksha Stotram.

|| Story ||

Once, Lord Shiva requested Goddess Parvati to have a meal together with him. 

Parvati Ji replied that she was currently engaged in reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama and needed to complete it first. 

After waiting for a while, when Lord Shiva called Parvati Ji again, she responded that she could join him only after finishing the recitation of the Vishnu Sahasranama.

Lord Shiva was getting impatient. The food was getting cold. Therefore, Lord Shiva said, "Oh Parvati! Say 'Ram Ram.' Uttering the name 'Ram' just once is equivalent to reciting the entire Vishnu Sahasranama. Because the name 'Shri Ram' is equivalent to Vishnu Sahasranama. Hearing this from the mouth of Lord Shiva, Parvati Ji happily chanted the two-syllable name 'Ram' and then joined Lord Shiva for the meal."

"Sahas naam sam suni Shiv baani. Japi jee piy sang Bhavani." - Manas 1-19-6

Note: 'Japi jee' means 'to eat a meal.'